Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A triple E visits the UK!

Monday 7th October: Thanks to Stuart Fox taking us out on his yacht for some close ups of the ships on the terminal:
Firstly out into the harbour, up tot he end of Trinity to see Ever Legend, via the light vessels

Alert seen at Harwich

The Will at Harwich

Light vessel's

Five men in a boat! (courtesy of Richard King)

Stuart get's patriotic in front of the Taiwanese ship!

Feeder BG Rotterdam, just berthed

OPDR Cadiz, looking a bit tatty!

Scrubber system now placed between the Selandia Seaway's funnels

MSC Sophie

On lay-by "Landguard Terminal", Vega Stockholm

 And the Svitzer tug fleet
Then the highlight of the day: MAJESTIC MAERSK!

Then head back to Halfpenny Pier, a few craft pass....
Thames Guardian heads for Hariwch

Thames barge Thalatta

and the Harwich Haven Pilot boat - St Cuthbert

Then up towards the Navyyard
Estraden on the Navyyard

With Majestic Maersk under the bow

Stuart get's the last view of the Majestic Maersk.....

The Lazee Bee leaves Halfpenny pier

Back on the front at Harwich to catch the EVER LEGEND sail

Majestic Maersk still on 8/9 berth

and as I left for Ingatestone fotr the talk I was giving that night, the COSCO England was making her final approach...

 All photographs (apart from when indicated) copyright Krispen Atkinson

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day Trip to Rotterdam, for the big 4!

Thursday 15th August 2013: The three of us had booked on the overnight ferry from Harwich to the Hook. David was to meet us at Harwich, whilst Andrew came to Greenhithe. On the way to Harwich, we had a quick detour to see the ships alongside the new terminal at London Gateway. Alongside was PICTOR J and ALBANYBORG which was discharging another gantry.

Once enduring the A12 through Essex, we reached Harwich, where we met up with David - here Stena Hollandica was seen aariving before having fish and chips on the beach.

Friday 16th August 2013:  Getting up early, to see the ships in the outer anchorages

First of the big'ens - BERGE STAHL

Out to Landtung
Where Vale Rio de Janeiro is seen passing the former largest dry cargo ship - Berge Stahl

Third large ship - TI Europe (largest ship in world)

......First Sight of the giant, lying astern of CSCL Saturn.
Crowds gathered around Maasmond

Out on the boat, we got nice and close to the Triple E (above by Dave van Spronsen)

Amongst the boats escorting Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller into Europoort, the Ostara

...as she backs on to the berth, Maersk Kalmar makes a break for it!

Nice and close as she berths

Other ships on the move, MSC Soraya inward, Northia on berth and Maersk Kalmar heading out through the entrance

Two DFDS ro-ro's pass in New Waterway

Leaving Europoort area, made it back to Maassluis where a few passed, including a Chinese owned MPP

Back on the ferry ready to sail back to UK. Ships in New Waterway have strange late evening light on them

Saturday 17th August 2013: Back in the UK, with the cruise ship FTI Berlin passing Erith, and Santa Cruz (which we saw leave Rotterdam the day before) seen sailing from Tilbury.

 All photographs (apart from when indicated) copyright Krispen Atkinson